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Welcome to HR Information System

Objectives of the system

  • To Provide facilities to maintain information of Officers in Department of Animal Production and Health on line.
  • Make available information on line for decision makers.
  • Communication online among DAPH officers
  • Publish and share Important Articles
  • Online Data Collection
  • Allow to discuss using Forums
  • Publish Announcements to the community

Introduction to Veterinary Laser Surgery

This is a brief overview of veterinary laser surgery utilizing the carbon dioxide laser, for those who are not acquainted with the subject. The video highlights the advantages the carbon dioxide laser (especially the type that uses a flexible fiber delivery system) has over conventional surgical methods.

Gateway to farm animal welfare

Following the initiative on "Capacity Building to Implement Good Animal Welfare Practices", DAPH has launched a portal for Farmed Animal Welfare, which will be an all encompassing source of information about the welfare of farm animals to individuals and organizations. The portal consists of a documents section where legislation and publications can be easily accessed, a directory, a news and events section and also information about various projects, training, funding, employment, multimedia and other links related to farm animal welfare.

Forum on Good Animal Welfare Practices

How does improving the well-being of animals benefit people? Why would poor herders in developing countries living on less than US$2 per day be interested in animal welfare? How can improved animal welfare, directly or indirectly, contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals? Does increasing animal welfare legislation and standards in developed countries offer opportunities or barriers to livestock producers in developing countries? These are some of the questions to be discussed at a one-day Open Forum at DAPH Headquarters on 29 September. The Forum, which will be open to the Press, was organized to enable interested parties to present their views on improved animal welfare in the livestock sector. DAPH will hold an experts meeting from 30 September to 3 October on animal welfare issues.

What is your favorite use of milk

* Beverage
* Curd
* Yoghurt
* Butter

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